Host route for incoming DID



For months, my flowroute DID on my Freeswitch box has been misconfigured. I did not really care because I only use this as a backup. But, ever since I moved in the new house where the cellphone signal is atrocious , I find it necessary to have this working.

I had to call Dev at the house yesterday but the cellular call keeps dropping. When I called the flowroute DID , it gave me “you’ve dialled a non working number” . So today after much research , I found that I had to set the route settings in the flowroute site. I also had to match the port with the external profile port on my freeswitch box.

Gallery 3 no more..


I recently found out that Gallery is going to hibernation,¬†when I was trying to update my install. It’s sad but really understandable. Everybody has their own lives and I could attest to that. People move on and prioritize more important things such as family, school or work.

In light of all of this, I have decided to just move all my photos to my wordpress blog. This would consolidate all my photos since I am mostly using WP to post photos anyway. The only problem is how do I upload my photos to my WP. Physically, all my photos are on the same server albeit on a different hard drive . But, there isn’t a clear way to upload my stuff to WP. I found a plugin “Add from Server” which at first looked promising but It failed the first time I tried it. I am thinking I can just add the photos through PhpMyadmin. I need to investigate further.

Office 365 is coming and …

Our office is going to do a force upgrade of some sort these coming days and I don’t want to let go of one feature that I have gotten use to using. This is the journal timer in outlook. I was trying to look for a replacement but I cant find any.

Before I started this job, I was mainly using Emacs and Org for organising my projects and daily tasks and I know Org has this really nifty feature of clocking in and out with time stamps. Therefore , I might just go back to using Org however I am a bit apprehensive in how to integrate all my job related stuff since we are such a microsoft centric organization.

I guess I will figure it out . Whoever said that ” necessity is the mother of all innovation” is damn right.

A lot of things

These past days ,seems like it just blew by me. Looking for a house. Adjusting to a new job. Going back to school. Getting a mortgage. Thinking about moving. Dev getting her papers almost done. Thank god for all the people that we can lean on. And also for the thought that football is almost here.