– solution to HandOut#2

 * File:
 * ---------------------
 * This class is a blank one that you can change at will. Remember, if you change
 * the class name, you'll need to change the filename so that it matches.
 * Then you can extend GraphicsProgram, ConsoleProgram, or DialogProgram as you like.

import acm.program.*;

public class Fibonacci extends ConsoleProgram {
	//constant for the 
	private static final int MAX_TERM_VALUE=1000;

	public void run() {
		println("This Program lists the Fibonacci sequence.");
		//we need three variables 
		//fibonacci 0 = 0
		int term = 0;
		//fibonacci(1) = 1
		int term2 = 1;
		//third variable to store the sum
		int term3 =0;
		//print the fibonacci(0) and (1)
		// loop until we finish the number in the MAX_TERM_VALUE
		while (term < MAX_TERM_VALUE){
			// term2(sum) = term plus term2
			//print the sum
			//mv the next number to term
			// and the sum to term2

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