Nginx transition aborted

So, I have tested Nginx for a few months and I found that I could not get it to work properly. This is with the a patch already applied to make the DAV module to work with my Mac. I just decided its taking a long time to fix and its better to just go back to Apache for now. I may revisit this in the future. I also just recently read the news that Nginx has been bought by another company. I am not sure how this affects the opensource development but I don’t want to worry about that now. I just know that I can save my files to my server using a working DAV.

Nginx switch

I have switched to Nginx and it was pretty seamless albeit I had to learn the config. But . . I just noticed that the DAV functionality is not completely working. I cannot get my Mac to connect to it. FreeBSD is missing an updated extended DAV module. I had opened a ticket but it wont be happening till the next version. So, back to Apache for now.

FreeBSD 12 upgrade outcome

I am still cleaning up the aftermath of the upgrade to 12. The base upgrade went well and it seems the issues I have encountered is mostly to the ports.

First off, email and my web server did not work out of the box. I had to reinstall a lot of ports and I did not realize that having OpenSSL port can cause a lot of havoc. Went back to the base OpenSSL and reinstalled the ports.

I also realized that doing a pkg remove will sometimes help with certain conflicts. Portmaster failed several times and I found that its mostly because I was using the OpenSSL port version.


Spring cleaning/upgrade

Today I was doing a lot of upgrading.

I was able to purchase a new PC to get my pFsense install into the latest and greatest 2.4.3 version. My old router PC was an old Pentium 4 and pFSense needs a 64Bit CPU. I went ahead and got an old HP 8200 SFF which has a Core I5 CPU. At least, I am future proofing a bit when 2.5 comes up. I added a quad port NIC and I think I am set for now.

I had a small hiccup with the config restore because there was no easy way for one to tell which port is em0 or em1. Can’t really tell from looking at the connections and in the console. I guess one can do trial and error and move the connections and doing a ping. The only thing is after one reboots, the system will try to find an internet connection and one can’t really proceed. I found a bug report at the pFsense site which mentions a work around for this. Essentially, one has to disable the pkg source file so that one can skip to the console main screen. Took me about a good couple of hours troubleshooting.

Lastly, after I got my internet back and while I thought making a note of all of this in WP, I got another upgrade notification. All in a days work. Fun.