The aftermath


Chicago was an awesome marathon for the three of us.
Dev got her sub 5 PR. Reagan got a 4:36 and I got a 4:43. I was hoping to get it below 4:41 which was my PR last year at the Twin Cities Marathon but it wasn’t meant to be.

One day I would earn that ultimate dream of mine to have a negative split on my marathons. Right now I am just going with the “run as fast as you can” mentality.

But for now I am still enjoying my strategy even though I hate slowing down at the last half.

I was giving a thought about asking one of the really fast pacers about what it would take to get to their level. But I stopped cause I know I wouldn’t be able to handle the answer at least not just yet.

Another marathon

I am now sitting on a plane to Chicago. Feeling hot right now , the plane AC hasn’t been turned on yet. I hate that feeling. And Dev and I took this connecting flight from Detroit to Midway, and this plane is a small jet.

It still is hot outside. Tomorrow would be better according to the forecast. Lows of 45 according to That would be a relief. Its always good to run in cold weather. Hopefully we would get a PR. Most of my best runs were on cold weather.

Chitown here we come. Now what to eat for pasta dinner?!?


Freeswitch and NAT audio issues

I am running Freeswitch from git and lately I notice that it’s not working properly. Something changed that I could not put my finger on it.

So this is my setup:

  • Freeswitch from git – I almost always update this when I can. I don’t remember when but I one of the update I did broke the thing
  • Dingaling/GoogleVoice – I don’t know if this is FS or a google voice problem. Maybe google made some changes and screwed up freeswitch
  • Debian Sid – updated all the time
  • PFsense – latest and greatest router .I am doing NAT through this box. I might have made some changes that might have affected my FS . Need to investigate this.

What I have done so far:

  • I had set stun on jingle_profile and I still hear no audio , DTMF works however
  • Setting stun off disables DTMF and still no audio
  • Turned off Call Screening/Presentation
  • I am reverting to version 1.2.stable today. Before I was tracking Master.

Reverting to stable worked!

Pork and Ships

Just recently I was  reading up about all the stuff going on back home, specifically the “Pork Barrel” issue and the Ferry boat sinking.

First off, the “Pork” , I know that people are disgusted that there is this big scandal but hello, this has been going forever and why now? Somebody must have been screwed ie did not get a piece of the “pig” pie. LOL. So ,we had that symbolic march , now what? Should we impeach  our President and replace him with somebody more “makatao” like I don’t know “Erap”. It’s hopeless. As long as filipinos votes can be bought ,this kinds of  situation will always happen. There will always be a winner and a loser . Sadly the winner is the SOB politicians and the poor folks are the losers.


And about the Ferry sinking, I am so sorry for all the people that died. It’s tragic but I guess accidents happen. We just have to accept the fact that the Philippines is an archipelago and that the most common means of transport is through the seas . In America, a lot of people die from car accidents because that’s the most common means of transport. 



The last frontier Marathon-Cation

Extra! Extra! Get it while it’s hot!

Dev and I just passed our ham radio extra license exams and we are really excited ! We now have time to do more things like learning to operate CW!

We just bought a used KX1 and I already have it set up for listening and I also bought a paddle for practice but for now our priority is learning to copy cw. has been such a great help. I am now in lesson 5 and I feel that I have some progress. Slowly but surely for sure but I am in no hurry.

Oh, I just upgraded to WordPress 3.6 and I love it! Love the theme and it’s an excellent product ,kudos to the team, you guys rock!

General – Sir yes sir!

Dev and I just successfully passed our Ham radio general exam although a bit ill prepared perhaps. I almost forced her to review for the pass week but she eventually got to cram all that info in.

So now what, well, I am already obsessing in getting on air. I am looking at the KX3 but what I don’t like about it is that its qrp and in order to get it to 100 watts one has to buy an amp which when added to everything costs as much as a K3. Yeah, it’s portable but it seems like I don’t see a lot of people giving it a bad review which makes me a bit suspicious. It can’t be that good!

I’m now almost 80-90% decided on getting a K2-100 which  I find very interesting. A complete transceiver that one can build almost from the ground up. I have little experience in soldering,a bit of a challenge but not impossible .I would probably take this real SLOW and research some more.

I also want to save a bit. I am thinking of foregoing the purchase of a tuner and just make myself resonant dipoles. I already purchased a spool of 14 AWG wire so I would put that to good use. We’ll see how this goes.

Not really in a hurry to do all of these stuff. First of all, this involves a whole lot of dough; next, I am also planning to be doing all CW but I am not even finish with the CW training in  and not only that we are also planning for our Extra next month. So a lot of things on the plate right now.