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What Happened!

What happened to My Fave team the Pistons! Wa nako kaila nila.. I’ve always love the old pistons that wins games with their defense .

I can never forget the way they demolish the LA Lakers 2 years ago!That was one of the best all time .. It just proves the old abasketball adage that Offense wins games but Defense Wins Championships! Sadly this is how it all ends for my pistons!

My prediction to win it all  Dallas! oh how sweet Dirks Stroke is ..nobody ,as in nobody can stop dirk for Shaq …hehehe ..i duno ,maybe the two will neutralize each other ..

Well see .. who will win ,,finesse or power? I go with finesse aint suppose to be all about the Slam but how you kiss that layup in the glass or shoot that floater that beats all the shoot blockers! heheh ..ok
enuf meandering!

So long Pistons! for now  i’m cheering for the MAvericks! YOOOHOHO!

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