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Nba Finals, dud!

I did not watch the game last nite and I wasn’t that disappointed that i didn’t get to watch that game .

I read the news in CNNSI and I was a little bit thrilled by the outcome,Miami lost. Revenge for the Detroit fans! heheheheh!

Anyway,the Nba finals is boring ..The news of a high tech satellite guided bomb blowing away a terrorist is much much better fare for me yesterday! hehhehe

Can you believe the way Zarqawi looked in the picture after his safe house was hit by 500 lb bomb ,and that was 2 500 lb by the way!

Mura mag g make-up-an nya g butang sa lungon! heheheh!

Kinsa naman sunod ana nila! Is Zarqawi number 3 ni Bin Laden .. sunod na number 2 then number 1 ..

Sus,lipaya ni tito george uy! gapugong pugong ra jud sya sa iya kalipay gahapon sa tv! hehhehe!

sure ko ba! nig talikod ato mu ambak2 to cya! hehehehe!

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