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Free Long Distance!

Thanks to Google Voice I don’t have to pay for calling in the US through my home phone. I have been tinkering with my home Asterisk PBX setup for about a month now. It’s only today that I have gotten it to work with Google Voice perfectly.

  1. First ,I need to get my incoming DID working perfectly. Before,I have been using Ipkall base on the NerdVittles article but I there is a problem with it because Ipkall doesn’t seem to pass Google Voice did,which is required for the setup to work. Therefore ,I just used Sipgate which works perfectly.
  2. Secondly,setup your asterisk just follow NerdVittles article

With this setup,I would just dial 48+areacode+number for all US calls! Now I only have to pay for calls going to the Philippines but for US calls ,It’s free!

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