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Forget it ! whats the password?



I finally had it with passwords. Having to many computers and devices and too many websites that need some kind of password is killing my neurons. I know that its a known fact that each day as we get older are brain cells are dying one by one. I can’t help but think that having all these things to remember is not really a good thing for my brain not that I have much to speak of anyway.


So here is my little solution to all the password dilemma. I gave up memorizing it and just let my blackberry remember it for me. Password keeper is installed on my Storm 2 so it was a cinch to setup just give it a new password and enter all the stuff you want it to remember. I use the random password functionality so that I get a much secure password. So there you go you pretty much secured all your important stuff. Just be sure that you don’t lose your BB.

One thing that I haven’t investigated yet is whether I can back and restore all the stuff in password keeper. So off to twitter I go. I better DM @blackberryhelp.


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