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Switching to FreeSwitch


I am taking on a new project. I already started this a week ago and It’s still really a work in progress.

So,from my title you may know that I am trying out Freeswitch. I had Asterisk for so long I can’t even remember now. I mainly use my Asterisk setup for google voice and I don’t like that their implementation breaks a lot. I really don’t know if its Asterisk’s fault but I am just willing to try out something new ,hopefully this will be a whole lot better.

A couple of days ago ,I already figured out how to get incoming and outgoing GV(google voice) calls. Now all I need is to make a few adjustments to the dialplan,if I figure this out.*crosses fingers* The dialplan for me I think is much easier to understand than asterisk ,I just need a refresher on REGEX because all the logic depends on it.

Browsing through the Freeswitch wiki ,I found that refresher on REGEX.Thanks a lot to the Freeswitch community,I feel like I am . . .home. *winks*

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