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Our first days as HAMs

Yesterday we got our call signs after we took the technician exam last Saturday. There was only three if us that day. Me, Dev and a lady who took her Extra exam. It didn’t take that long probably less than thirty minutes. They really made taking this exams easy. Its just 35 questions out of a pool of 300 and you only need to get 26 right. And besides that all this questions are already given out , so you only need to memorize the answers.

Today is our second day practicing our radio skills. Dev was in Lake Placid and i think she was able to hit the KK4LI repeater but i couldn’t really hear her only the sound of the repeater waking up. It feels a little awkward at first to keep saying my call sign .

KK4RQT testing


On our way home I tried the Sebring repeater W4HEM and I was really lucky because somebody was listening. It turned out this was my very first contact (W4SU) and he actually was one of the volunteer examiners in Winterhaven where we took our exam. How cool is that! He said that he was just passing by on his way to Broward County.

Looking forward to talking to you again ,W4SU. Still waiting for the ham radio tip that you said you’re gonna give me.



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