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Hello, Buffer

To blog again is to live again. It has been a while since my WordPress blog has seen new content. For the past year or so, it has been in a broken state that I had to disable it. Before that, it has been repurposed to a Woocommerce site. Sadly , I have not seen anyone buy anything and I think I have not really taken the time to manage the ecommerce experiment. So, here I am trying to use the blog again this time using this Org2Blog Emacs interface. This is my first post using Org2Blog. I plan to keep at it since I really enjoy working on Emacs.

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Poshmark Share Server Howto

Here is how you run your own Poshmark share server.

  1. Install your favorite Linux/BSD distro on your fave VM host(Virtualbox for example)
    • In my case, I have FreeBSD and I was able to use BHyve. * details on next post
  2. Install Python if you don’t have it already.
  3. Install Python Virtualenv (optional but highly recommended)
  4. Go into github and download the Poshmark share application.
  5. Install the needed requirements for the poshmark_sharing app.
  6. If you installed remotely, you can install XRDP or TightVNCServer
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recovered my server

We are back up after we had a downtime after I upgraded FreeBSD. Not a total lost but I might have lost a few emails and blog posts here.
I will be diligently backing up from now on. Lesson not learned sad to say.

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Moving to #Freebsd ?

I am thinking of moving my main server to FreeBSD. My main goal is to learn the OS. I have gotten so use to Debian and It seems like it is no longer a challenge to me. At least I think with #FreeBSD, I do not have to worry so much with upgrading. Right now, since I track Debian Unstable, I have to constantly update when I am in there. Also I also have to update the kernel. All of this I know are avoidable. I could just go with Debian stable and I could just choose to use the distro kernel and not have to worry with compiling the kernel.

Anyway, I think this would be a huge undertaking. I probably would have to plan this in stages. For one, how do I migrate without significant downtime???