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Our New Zealand pics

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Office 365 is coming and …

Our office is going to do a force upgrade of some sort these coming days and I don’t want to let go of one feature that I have gotten use to using. This is the journal timer in outlook. I was trying to look for a replacement but I cant find any.

Before I started this job, I was mainly using Emacs and Org for organising my projects and daily tasks and I know Org has this really nifty feature of clocking in and out with time stamps. Therefore , I might just go back to using Org however I am a bit apprehensive in how to integrate all my job related stuff since we are such a microsoft centric organization.

I guess I will figure it out . Whoever said that ” necessity is the mother of all innovation” is damn right.

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Ten things I learned so far while looking for a house

These are some of the things I learned so far while looking for our house. We’ve only been to our first house showing and we’ve researched for about a month now.

  1. One can pay Bi-weekly to pay off one’s mortgage early ( 19 years instead of 30) – got this tip from a waitress in a café
  2. Once you buy a house, your name will be in public records (I learned a lot of things just by going on the county appraisers website)
  3. A home with pets is not necessarily a minus. One needs to go inside the house to see and smell.
  4. 30 minute drive may seem like nothing until you try it once on a busy weekday.
  5. Check for weird angles. eg. sloping backyards or driveways.
  6. Check the builder.
  7. Check if there are landfills, dumps,cemetery
  8. Get your own realtor, not the sellers.
  9. Talk to friends ,they are a good source of information
  10. There are houses that are not listed on the internet