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Florida Hospital 10K

It was almost this time this year when Dev and I caught the running bug. This year we are doing the 10K instead of the 5K though. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. It felt longer than that.

The night before I was still feeling my Achilles and Dev was so concerned that she said that I had to do something about it otherwise she wouldn’t let me run. So we went to the Famous footwear to look for an insert . So we talked to our friend,Mike,a fellow runner who happens to work at the store. He said that my Achilles could be because of the shoe I’m wearing. I also got the same advise from Dr. Abe,our running mentor,He said that we should log our shoe mileage.

So instead of just looking for a shoe insert I ended up buying a shoe. I saw an Asics that was on sale. I tried it on and it was a perfect fit. I also bought the insert.

Race day morning and I was still feeling my Achilles when I got up. We ate our coffee and bagel we bought from Panera. Arrived at the start about 30 min early. It was DST change so we had an extra 1 hour. It also means that the sun is already up early.

I planned to do a run walk just only and thanks to Doc Abe I was able to do it. We did good. I felt the Achilles but it wasn’t a really bad.

I still had to ice it though.

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injury update

Went to the gym today and tried to run. It felt better. Did about 0.78 miles and I could have gone further but I didn’t want to push it too much.

I also have been doing a lot of eccentric calf raises and also a lot of icing. Overall, I think I am making some progress. The ultimate test is this sundays 10K. If it feels good then maybe I will finish strong if not then I will probably gonna shut it down.

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Just an Update

Been busy lately ,so I hadn’t really found time to do some updates here.

Well what’s new is that that Dev and I had started running. Its been like a month since we did our first 5K. We started with the Hospital race and ever since we’ve been hooked to it.

Yesterday we did a practise run for our first 10K this weekend. I thought that we couldn’t finish but we did! It felt great doing something really challenging. Hoping to replicate it this weekend.