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Diagnosing a Linux problem


I was trying to backup my debian server using this s3fs script but apparently I forgot that the script needs fuse in the kernel. Since I just upgraded my kernel to 2.6.30 ,I mistakenly compiled Fuse in the kernel ,It needs to be compiled as a module.

So this provides an excuse to upgrade my kernel again,ok done it . Installing but what is this !!

grub-probe: cannot find a device for /

shucks! Grub has a bug or LVM ..anyway I found a temporary solution in the internet..

To top all of this, debian’s kernel-package has a missing or malfunctioning initramfs hook script which leaves my new kernel without an initrd! Thanks to a backup kernel ,I was able to boot and copy the example initramfs script in /usr/share/kernel-package/examples/ .

Wheeew! that tooked a lot of time to diagnose. . I wonder if stable has this kind of problems .