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Getting things done and life in general

Do you get that feeling that our lives are getting complicated as we get older? Well I read this marvelous book called Getting things done The art of stress free productivity. I highly recommend it. I am trying to apply all the things from this wonderful book. Let me see, Dev and I bought a big filing cabinet to organize all of our documents, we bought a lot of folders, we bought a labeler, notebooks (Moleskine) and we have an inbox, sort of. And for the techie in me, I found orgmode. orgmodeOrgmode is the best thing invented since sliced bread!
Getting things done (GTD) has this mantra that everything needs to be captured. By that we mean, any input such as telephone calls, emails, snail mail, and even random ideas that props up in our brain, needs to be captured. They call this capturing. So when we capture, we put all this stuff in a “to-be sorted” inbox. The idea is to get the “captured thing” and move on and continue whatever one is doing. One part that I haven’t gotten an optimum solution yet is the capturing while I am driving. I have driven long hours ever since I moved and Dev still lives two hours away. I was thinking that I could use my cellphone’s voice recorder function but I found out that this is not easy with an Iphone or an Android phone. I miss my Blackberry’s one button voice recording. I really miss that functionality. I wanted to go back to Blackberry. I read rumors that Blackberry might be switching to Android. I hope they do it. I also hope that my carrier supports it. textnowI recently switched to Textnow, which is a Sprint MVNO. So right now, I am missing a lot of this cool ideas, what I usually do is have Dev write the idea on my Moleskine if she is there beside me.

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I want my Blackberry 10 or else

I now use an iphone. Dev upgraded her Iphone and i am trying out her 4S.

At first, I miss my Bold’s keypad . But i am now sort of getting use to the virtual keyboard. It seems like my thumbs are too big sometimes. Maybe i should try the autocorrect thingy.

I am almost done with my transition except that I don’t know an easy way to migrate passwords that I stored in Password Keeper on the BB. I guess i have to transfer it one by one.

I am still watching out for the Blackberry Z10 and maybe if the App store blows up like the Iphone. Maybe the Z11 would have more apps.

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Forget it ! whats the password?



I finally had it with passwords. Having to many computers and devices and too many websites that need some kind of password is killing my neurons. I know that its a known fact that each day as we get older are brain cells are dying one by one. I can’t help but think that having all these things to remember is not really a good thing for my brain not that I have much to speak of anyway.


So here is my little solution to all the password dilemma. I gave up memorizing it and just let my blackberry remember it for me. Password keeper is installed on my Storm 2 so it was a cinch to setup just give it a new password and enter all the stuff you want it to remember. I use the random password functionality so that I get a much secure password. So there you go you pretty much secured all your important stuff. Just be sure that you don’t lose your BB.

One thing that I haven’t investigated yet is whether I can back and restore all the stuff in password keeper. So off to twitter I go. I better DM @blackberryhelp.


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BB storm wordpress app

Woah! I am now blogging using wordpress’s BB app. I find it somewhat new and refreshing . Just like doing a tweet . So this is just a beginning , I might do this more often . Typing using Surepress is really quick and very easy. It does auto-complete and a lot of stuff like appending a period at the end of sentences.

So long for now. I got to get some sleep.