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Dreams so vivid

Did you ever get that dream that gets stuck in your head?

Well I had 3 of these in the past weeks. I don’t know what’s with this dreams but I feel that I need to make a note of these somewhere.

First dream I had was that I was back home and that I was looking for something at our old house in Bacolod. In my dream I was opening all the cabinets and on one of those cabinets I found a big crocodile. It wasn’t really moving but I know that it was alive. I wasn’t really afraid of it but I was just a little bit surprised that I found that thing on our cabinet. This particular dream was probably longer but that was the only thing that I remember about it. That day when I went to work I told them about this dream. Zobeida was telling me that I may have something like a bad thing that’s going to happen that will surprised me.

It gets a little bit weirder on my second dream. I dreamt that I was at the place where I worked and that I saw a bunch of vultures caught on a net. I saw two of these nets with the vultures and one of it looks is about to break because the vultures are biting their way out of it. Eventually some of them got out and ate some kind of meat on the floor. This all happened on one of the rooms. When I went to another room I saw big polar bear and I think I ran away towards the roof. Eventually ,I was safe at the roof and somebody came up to the roof to tell me that it was just a baby polar bear and that it was harmless. So I went back to work only to be greeted by a big black cat at the front door. That’s where this dream ended.

My last one was about me and Dev going back to the Philippines and we met up with HS classmate Leo on a jeepney. I think we were going