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Lighttpd 1.5,WordPress and Gallery 3

For 3 days I was mucking with the site and Installed lighttpd 1.5 with modcache. Well I was able to get it to partially work ..but what sucks is there is something wrong with the way Lighty 1.5 handles the aliasing of some of the apps such as Gallery 3 and WordPress.

For one,the login page for this main blog is all borked. There is no graphics that is showing .On the wedding project blog ,all the graphics is not showing. Oh,I forgot to mention that I only got this on my home network.When I access the site outside,everything is perfect. So I what I could do.I looked at all the resources ,googled everything but nada,not a thing solves the problem. No wonder when I try to see if Debian has official Lighttpd 1.5 ,I couldn’t find any . It seems 1.5 is still not ready for primetime.

So we are back to 1.4 for now. . Back to work!