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Big Blue ThinClient with Debian

About a week ago ,I got the IBM Netvista 2200 that I bought from Ebay . I wasn’t expecting it to be that small a thin client . Its just about an inch and a half thick..Anyways, I was planning to setup it up as a diskless client. So I already had a pretty rough idea how a diskless client works.. To sum it up,it gets its kernel from a server and run everything off of that server ..

Well,for a client to boot from the server it must have PXE. Turns out mine doesn’t have it.. so it has to have some other means of booting from a server since it’s a thin client.. to get it to boot one must setup the dhcp server to serve the kernel via NFS since TFTP via PXE doesn’t work ..

I have my Openwrt setup that way ..I’ll post my dnsmasq here next time ..