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Filipino mentality

In light of the Bohol tragedy, it got me to think about a lot of things.

For one, this situations should make all of us stronger. Right? Why do I feel like there are some who are “contrabida” and cynical. With all the crap that is going on it seems like people are going about with their own agenda. For those who are very critical of all our politicians and their motives, lets stop and think for a bit. Aren’t we all the ones who voted for this SOB’s in the first place?

To the trolls in Facebook, please stop if you don’t want something tragic happen to you. To those who repost the trolls messages , you just made these assholes very happy. Lets go back to doing something helpful and not just spread bullshit in Facebook.

Ok, I can go on with this rant but i want to save some more for the next time. Keep safe everybody! Thanks for your courage.

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Pork and Ships

Just recently I was  reading up about all the stuff going on back home, specifically the “Pork Barrel” issue and the Ferry boat sinking.

First off, the “Pork” , I know that people are disgusted that there is this big scandal but hello, this has been going forever and why now? Somebody must have been screwed ie did not get a piece of the “pig” pie. LOL. So ,we had that symbolic march , now what? Should we impeach  our President and replace him with somebody more “makatao” like I don’t know “Erap”. It’s hopeless. As long as filipinos votes can be bought ,this kinds of  situation will always happen. There will always be a winner and a loser . Sadly the winner is the SOB politicians and the poor folks are the losers.


And about the Ferry sinking, I am so sorry for all the people that died. It’s tragic but I guess accidents happen. We just have to accept the fact that the Philippines is an archipelago and that the most common means of transport is through the seas . In America, a lot of people die from car accidents because that’s the most common means of transport.