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Pork and Ships

Just recently I was  reading up about all the stuff going on back home, specifically the “Pork Barrel” issue and the Ferry boat sinking.

First off, the “Pork” , I know that people are disgusted that there is this big scandal but hello, this has been going forever and why now? Somebody must have been screwed ie did not get a piece of the “pig” pie. LOL. So ,we had that symbolic march , now what? Should we impeach  our President and replace him with somebody more “makatao” like I don’t know “Erap”. It’s hopeless. As long as filipinos votes can be bought ,this kinds of  situation will always happen. There will always be a winner and a loser . Sadly the winner is the SOB politicians and the poor folks are the losers.


And about the Ferry sinking, I am so sorry for all the people that died. It’s tragic but I guess accidents happen. We just have to accept the fact that the Philippines is an archipelago and that the most common means of transport is through the seas . In America, a lot of people die from car accidents because that’s the most common means of transport.