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the Aftermath

Two weeks and counting from our Twin Cities Marathon and I am still hurting on my Achilles. I am able to walk but I still can’t run without feeling some pain on my left achilles.

Note to self,if one feels really good and it almost feels like you can do a marathon under 3 hours,hold back a little.

I am doing a lot of ice on it and I think this will probably heal with time.

We did not scout the course and we were surprise that it was hilly . So that may have contributed to it plus I was just pushing to hard. That PR might have come with a real price though. During the race I already felt a tingling feeling on my left leg after about 6 miles. You know that feeling when one stops the blood from flowing to one of your limbs. That went away though. Must have been because of the 29 degree weather. Further on, I also felt my left quad cramping around mile 16,I massage it a bit and it went away. Alas on mile 22,I then felt my left achilles,I stretch it out a couple of times and it went away and I was able to finish albeit at a much slower pace.

I should have iced it right away. I walked to meet Dev back in the course about mile 25. Should have iced and stayed down.

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What to do. . .

Been busy since November,never thought this new hobby of ours will take a lot of our time. Nevertheless,we are both enjoying running. We’ll be joining the Half-Marathon in Miami this weekend. Hopefully we’ll finish. Our last training run wasn’t that good. Felt some pain on my foot but icing it down did help.

This will be our longest run to date.Our last one was a 10K and I was amazed that I still had the strength to sprint to the finish. Crossed my fingers that we’ll be able to do the same this weekend .

Oh,and I’ll be wearing tights.

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Just an Update

Been busy lately ,so I hadn’t really found time to do some updates here.

Well what’s new is that that Dev and I had started running. Its been like a month since we did our first 5K. We started with the Hospital race and ever since we’ve been hooked to it.

Yesterday we did a practise run for our first 10K this weekend. I thought that we couldn’t finish but we did! It felt great doing something really challenging. Hoping to replicate it this weekend.