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Moving to #Freebsd ?

I am thinking of moving my main server to FreeBSD. My main goal is to learn the OS. I have gotten so use to Debian and It seems like it is no longer a challenge to me. At least I think with #FreeBSD, I do not have to worry so much with upgrading. Right now, since I track Debian Unstable, I have to constantly update when I am in there. Also I also have to update the kernel. All of this I know are avoidable. I could just go with Debian stable and I could just choose to use the distro kernel and not have to worry with compiling the kernel.

Anyway, I think this would be a huge undertaking. I probably would have to plan this in stages. For one, how do I migrate without significant downtime???


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troubleshooting kevin

I upgraded Kevin ,our 2 year old Dell Desktop. We usually don’t use the debian system installed in there so I haven’t really upgraded it for a while now. So now I did an apt-get upgrade and just my luck that it crashes after logging in.

So I was trying to troubleshoot all the errors on the. .xsession logs but it turns out I was just wasting my time. What I did to fix it is just mv the .config and everything worked. I have a brand new spanking Gnome Unity desktop.

Update: 3-20-12
I just fixed my Dual head setup today. Compiz is still not running though. What I did is put “Virtual” setting on the screen section of my xorg.conf and restarted gdm.

I then tried grandr to rearrange the displays. Bingo!