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VIM + C++ == fun

I am now half way through this book. C++ without fear and on the way I am learning a lot. Not only with the C++ side but also with the setup of my tools. I am now settling down on VIM as my primary tool for learning with the clang_complete plugin as my snippet/completion  engine.

Next stop learning argv and argc.

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Tools to learn programming

This is what works for me . Feel free to shoot me a comment or an email.

  1. Get a real computer – tablet ,smartphone doesn’t work, been there done that
  2. Vim . Get on the commandline with the best editor ever!
  3. GCC. I am learning C/C++ because I want to learn the hard way. *insert flame here*
  4. GDB –very important. I use .
  5. irc:c++@freenode . nothing like my own help/support line. I use Irrsi for my client.
  7. books:C++ without fear and K&R
  8. tmux – the terminal multiplexer. Coz one term is just isn’t enough.
  9. caffeine lots of it!
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Vim build environment

So I bought this book , “C++ without fear” a long time ago and I am just now trying to catch up on learning to program with it. The last time I was really reading it I was stuck on the pointers and arrays and now that I got a little bit of knowledge while delving on javascript at ,I decided to try to finish the book.

I also bought the new edition ebook but I thought I should just finish the first one first.

My fave editor is Vim and I really wanted to do my programming with it. The problem is its not really setup out of the box for programming. I tried the c.vim plugin before and it was ok but it needs a bit of setup. I found clang_complete and I am just now trying to get the hang of it.

Right now I am looking for the right plugin to automatically close tags like (,[,<, and { . I might give c.vim another chance if it works with clang_complete. I gotta email the author about that.