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Migrate WordPress Blog

I wanted to move my WordPress blog to my Openmediavault server to consolidate my hardware. It use to be that I have this blog on a standalone FreeBSD box.

So what did I do to make this happen? Here are the high level steps that I did.

  1. Prepare the VM.
  2. Move the data.
  3. Run the App.
  • Openmediavault is able to run Docker and also KVM.

I decided to use KVM because I wanted familiarity and I have not have a lot of experience with docker containers. However, I was also successful in migrating my other applications into docker containers ( more on this to follow.)

  • Migrate the data.

I did a database export and copied over my /usr/local/etc and /usr/local/www folders. I imported the data using the mariadb commandline since I have not setup PhpMyAdmin yet. I encountered a snag on the import. It seems that my database will not import unless I did an individual export of the databases. Something to do with the database user conflicts. Another thing with the import is that I have to redo the database users. I had to drop the users, create user, grant privileges, and finally flush privileges.

The configs I had to check the users and groups as well as the root folder (www) and the wp-content.

  • Run the app.

It would have been simpler if I just setup the server the same way. But, I decided to add an NGINX reverse proxy into the mix. I am able to make it work somewhat but ran into an issue when logging into the app.

this is the error I got:

fatal error: uncaught error: call to undefined function ctype_digit() in /usr/local/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/vendor/automattic/jetpack-connection/legacy/class-jetpack-signature.php:244 stack trace: #0 /usr/local/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/vendor/automattic/jetpack-connection/src/class-client.php(136): jetpack_signature->sign_request('i9a$fqo@pwxac&o…', 1578694208, 'ldozcjbmxi', 'vbvvpd3yni1/f2m…', 'post', 'https://jetpack…', 'query('jetpack.sso.req…') #3 /usr/local/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/sso.php(409): jetpack_sso::request_initial_nonce() #4 /usr/local/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/sso.php(392): jetpack_sso- in /usr/local/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/vendor/automattic/jetpack-connection/legacy/class-jetpack-signature.php on line 244

I googled for days but I could never find any solution on the net. I finally decided to try to uninstall the Jetpack plugin. I had to go to and disconnect my blog. Once , I did that I was able to login. I then was able to update WordPress and re-enable the jetpack plugin. Booyah!!!

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Moving to #Freebsd ?

I am thinking of moving my main server to FreeBSD. My main goal is to learn the OS. I have gotten so use to Debian and It seems like it is no longer a challenge to me. At least I think with #FreeBSD, I do not have to worry so much with upgrading. Right now, since I track Debian Unstable, I have to constantly update when I am in there. Also I also have to update the kernel. All of this I know are avoidable. I could just go with Debian stable and I could just choose to use the distro kernel and not have to worry with compiling the kernel.

Anyway, I think this would be a huge undertaking. I probably would have to plan this in stages. For one, how do I migrate without significant downtime???


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Gallery 3 no more..


I recently found out that Gallery is going to hibernation, when I was trying to update my install. It’s sad but really understandable. Everybody has their own lives and I could attest to that. People move on and prioritize more important things such as family, school or work.

In light of all of this, I have decided to just move all my photos to my wordpress blog. This would consolidate all my photos since I am mostly using WP to post photos anyway. The only problem is how do I upload my photos to my WP. Physically, all my photos are on the same server albeit on a different hard drive . But, there isn’t a clear way to upload my stuff to WP. I found a plugin “Add from Server” which at first looked promising but It failed the first time I tried it. I am thinking I can just add the photos through PhpMyadmin. I need to investigate further.

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Watched tv ,water the lawn and the plants and cooked some. Bought microwave for Fred.
We continued to make use of our boxee app Navi-X. Awesome that we can watched Shrek forever after and part of “The Social Network”.

Gotta go update this blog to WP 3.1.4… ta taaa..

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BB storm wordpress app

Woah! I am now blogging using wordpress’s BB app. I find it somewhat new and refreshing . Just like doing a tweet . So this is just a beginning , I might do this more often . Typing using Surepress is really quick and very easy. It does auto-complete and a lot of stuff like appending a period at the end of sentences.

So long for now. I got to get some sleep.

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Lighttpd 1.5,WordPress and Gallery 3

For 3 days I was mucking with the site and Installed lighttpd 1.5 with modcache. Well I was able to get it to partially work ..but what sucks is there is something wrong with the way Lighty 1.5 handles the aliasing of some of the apps such as Gallery 3 and WordPress.

For one,the login page for this main blog is all borked. There is no graphics that is showing .On the wedding project blog ,all the graphics is not showing. Oh,I forgot to mention that I only got this on my home network.When I access the site outside,everything is perfect. So I what I could do.I looked at all the resources ,googled everything but nada,not a thing solves the problem. No wonder when I try to see if Debian has official Lighttpd 1.5 ,I couldn’t find any . It seems 1.5 is still not ready for primetime.

So we are back to 1.4 for now. . Back to work!

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Project: Wedding Blog

Started on a new project yesterday for a wedding blog. This is really such a daunting task since I only just recently caught up on this blogging thing much less web design.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how this works. Skimming the web also for help. I also just now went to Kuler which is a cool site to get your color palette for your site. Right now the site is pretty much in the alpha stage.

At first,I was looking for a wordpress theme for wedding and I only found a few and I don’t like them. So I looked for a customizable theme,that’s why I settled for Inove for now.Since I am already using Atahualpa theme for this blog ,I wanted to try something else.

Stay tuned as I learn the ropes…

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Postfix,comcast and WordPress

I ran into problems with creating user accounts with my WordPress install.

WordPress uses Postfix to send email to my ISP which is Comcast.The problem is it sends it as sender www-data@localhost. I have to google for the right solution for this. The Postfix package in Debian doesn’t have enough Documentation so I have to the online Documentation.

Manpages is only helpful if you know what you are looking for. So ,thanks to google I was able to get this

Basically,what it does is rewrite the sender address to my regular comcast address.Cool!